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Heavy-Duty Dumping: Why You Need a Professional for Asbestos Disposal

When a construction crew is ordered to tear down a building, demolition waste is expected to take over the facility. While this is the case for most construction projects and work sites, not every project manager attends to their building with the proper care. A handful of the materials—asbestos being one of them—require special handling before they can be thrown into a dumpster for proper disposal. Let’s go over the dangers of materials such as asbestos and how a professional disposal company goes about handling and disposing of demolition waste. 

Asbestos: The Risks 

Breathing in airborne asbestos fibers can lead to lung cancer and other respiratory diseases. There is no known safe level of exposure with this construction material. Asbestos fibers break down into filaments up to 1,200 times thinner than that of a human hair. When inhaled, these fibers can become trapped within lung tissues. Medical research says that after thirty years of inhalation, asbestos fibers can still induce breathing problems and heart failure. If your demolition site is rife with asbestos, it is vital that you contact a professional disposal company to help you haul and clear your site from harmful substances. 

Asbestos at the Demolition Site

Items that are most likely to contain asbestos include (but are not limited to) heating system insulation, floor tiles and vinyl sheet flooring, mastics, wallboard, joint compound, decorative plasters, roofing products, and fireproofing. In order to remove asbestos materials from a construction site, a professional will need to break them up. The materials must then be disposed of accordingly. 

Handling Asbestos Materials

Once asbestos waste materials have been picked up the site and prior to disposal, they must be wet and moist, then sealed into leak-tight dumpsters. Each roll-off container from Rapid Disposal is individually labeled with all the proper identification and warning labels which are required by OSHA and the EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency). 

Protect Yourself from Harmful Waste with Rapid Disposal 

Materials such as asbestos are regulated accordingly and must be disposed in an approved landfill that is permitted to accept asbestos-containing waste material. At Rapid Disposal, our professionals provide roll-off dumpsters to help you rid your job site of asbestos and any other harmful waste produced from your demolition site. Contact us today for more details on how we can help.

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