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How to Choose the Right Roll-Off Container for Your Construction Project Edit

Roll-off containers come in various sizes due to their different uses. So whether you work for a company that hauls or specializes in construction and demolitions, roll-off containers are a tool that you’ll need at some point or another in your project. 

Before you rent or choose a roll-off container, you want to make sure to choose a model that best suits your project’s needs. The professionals at Rapid Disposal know everything there is to know about roll-off containers. We discuss some important elements to consider when renting roll-off containers for your next project.   

Deciding Between Standard, Heavy, and Ultra-Heavy Dumpsters

Standard (average-sized) dumpsters are usually the most appropriate for lighter-duty applications. If you can estimate the amount of demolition that will be produced, it is best to do so before you choose a container size. 

For applications where materials are heavier than usual or machine-loaded, you may need to choose heavy or ultra-heavy roll-off containers. 


Style can often be determined by personal preference. Some roll-off containers have curved sides, which eases the process of unloading. Other containers may have a bathtub-like style to support dirt that may accumulate. Basic rectangular containers are typically more favored, especially for heavier and bulkier materials. 

Steel Upgrades and Add-Ons 

Adding reinforcements, such as steel, is one of the most typical ways to customize containers. Contractors should consider using steel upgrades in their containers for the following:

  • Extra-heavy loads
  • Elements that are frequently moved
  • Elements that need to be transported via machines

Steel is often encouraged to be used in setting where floor sheets, side sheets, main rails, and top rails are present. 

Considering Cost and Value 

Besides size and custom upgrades, construction supervisors need to think critically about their time and money and where these elements are invested. Those who take the time when it comes to choosing the right roll-off containers will balance quantity and quality. For the sake of your project, you must ask yourself which containers are absolutely necessary and the size you will need to more efficiently transport material. 

Complete Your Construction Project with Rapid Disposal 

Here at Rapid Disposal, we offer our local construction workers the materials and services they need to get the job done in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Contact us today to learn more about how our roll-off containers and disposal services can help you with your project needs.

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